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Important Changes to Operations

Published on November 30, 2021
Luke Allen

Important Changes

For all customers who started using Ulprus Technologies' services before August 2021, these changes will apply to you.

Until now, we have offered edits to websites (adding/editing/removing text content, images, design edits, adding products, etc) as well as other services such as logo designs, flyers, and more, free of charge. However, to keep in line with our policy, starting from 6th December, 2021, these services can no longer be offered for free and we will be strictly enforcing our policies and the services that we advertise on our website.


First of all, we should never have been offering these services for free in the first place. These services are not included with the hosting packages that we offer.

Second, we have built a huge clientele this year; customers who joined us in Summer of this year are paying for these extra services and it is not fair on them that our original customers are receiving the same services for free.

Finally, every update, edit, adding and removal of content, design and anything else all takes time and our experts in their respective field receive a salary.

What do I need to do?

There will be two options; for any additional work making to the website that is not included in the original specification, it will cost £7 per update. Once this is paid, then the changes to your website will be made. The reason for up-front payments is due to several invoices being paid late or not at all.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a monthly subscription package, or save even more money with the yearly subscription package, which will include:

  • edits to the website in terms of basic design changes
  • priority support
  • basic edits of content
  • product uploads.

This will not include image edits / modifications.

Please view payment details on this page.

What is included with my hosting?

For a basic rundown of what is and isn't included with your hosting package, we have made this page for you to clearly understand the difference between "hosting", "maintenance" and "updates". Maintaining and updating refers to the hosing of your website as well as keeping the hardware and software running your website up to date.

Please click here for more information.

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