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Web Hosting & Management

We offer convenience by offering hosting for your website. What's more, our hosting package includes free updates to your website, taking a huge weight off your shoulders.

One affordable price with everything included

We include a generous list for this price, as well as a super-fast, cloud server brought to you by DigitalOcean.

We understand that you have a business to run. Updating your own website is another task which can take a bit of time when you could be focusing on your actual business instead. That's where we come in. Allow us to take that weight off your shoulders and handle everything about your website, from hosting, security, and even updates to your site. We've got your back.
Shared hosting on lightning-fast cloud servers
Free WordPress & WooCommerce installation
All managed by us at ulprus.com
Regular backups
Free SSL Certificate
Security and Malware Scans
Database Optimization and Cleaning
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Packed full of features

Here is a list of the features you will receive when choosing us to host your awesome website.

Cloud Servers

Cloud storage ensures security and peace of mind. Your data will always be available and will never be lost due to physical damage.


Backups can be made automatically on a daily basis, so should anything ever happen to your website, it can be reverted to its previous state.

SSL Certificate

All hosting comes with a free SSL for your website. SSL certificates are essential for added security and high Google rankings.

CDN Addon

We even include a free CDN addon, meaning quicker loading times for your website, and in turn, results in higher Google rankings. Google loves speed!


Our servers are equipped with firewalls ensuring added safety and security for your website. All malicious traffic will be blocked automatically.

Security Scans

Regular security scans will be conducted to ensure no malicious activity is happening on your website and web server. Everything is secure.

Advanced Cache

We use advanced caching plugins server-side to ensure super fast page load speeds. This is essential for a good page score.


We are always here for you if you need our assistance. Just get in touch with us at any time if you require help or if you have any questions.

Your frequent questions

CDN stands for Content Network Delivery; your images and other files necessary to display your website are stored on servers across the globe and loaded from the viewer's closest server, meaning faster load times for people viewing your website. SImply put, CDNs help speed up your website's loading speed.
That is correct! Included with the price is updates to your website. If you want something changed, removing or adding, we'll do it for you! If you need extra functionality which is a little complex, then it may incur extra costs. But basic edits to the website are completely free.
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