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Website Design & Development

Website costs depend on your needs. Although we do have a set price for a Small Business Website (a simple, 4-page website), the final cost of other kind of websites will vary from user to user. Website's come with many different functionalities and your requests play a big part on the final cost. If you require a Small Business Website, please contact us for the price.

For example: a customer who wants a website with a few pages and nothing else, will pay less than a customer who wants a website with full e-commerce functionality and who also requires hosting. It requires more of our time and resources and therefore costs will increase.

Kindly let us know your requests, and we'll send you a quote.
Again, this depends on your needs as well as demand. If you opt for our simple website option (3 pages), these can be completed within a week. More complex websites could take up to several months to finish. We put care and consideration into every website we make.

Your active responsiveness also plays a big part in the speed of which your website will be completed. We understand many of you are busy, and this is completely understandable. The sooner we get information from you, the sooner we can continue to build your awesome website. ????
That would hopefully be you! The more content coming from you, the better. It is your website. However, if you're new to it all and are having a tough time, we have you covered. We can help create your business from the ground up: brand identity, logo and website content. Of course, additional costs will be applied for the extra content.
The basic answer it yes. Because ultimately, it is your website.

However, if you have chosen for us to host your website, then this includes free updates from us. With our hosting plan, we include backups, security and management of your website. If you choose only for us to make your website where you host it yourself or with another hosting company, then we are not responsible for any breakages or security problems which you may encounter.

We highly recommend that you let us update the website for you, that way, you can be sure there will be no breakages on the website.

If you really want to update the website yourself, then we can make customized tutorials specific to your website explaining how to do it.
What we cannot do is improve your site in its current form. What we can do, is build you a brand new website from the ground up.

The reason for this is that many developers have different coding methods. In the past, it has taken us a very long time to sift through code and identify website's problems. It can be very time-consuming and cheaper for you to just build a brand-spanking, beautiful-looking website with clean code.
Absolutely not! We have clients around the world. The good thing about the web nowadays is the ability to communicate from anywhere ????.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Your initial concepts will be sent out within a week. After that, the speed varies on the amount of iterations you need as well as the communication response time.
Absolutely! All yours. We do reserve the right to post your logo on our website, however, for self-promotion as designers of logos.
The final .zip file will include the following files: .eps, .psd, .jpg, .png, .pdf - if you require anything else, we will try to fulfil this desire.
We will always try our very best to satisfy your needs and work closely with you to provide you with what you're looking for. However, in the super-duper rare case that you're still not satisfied with the outcome, we will provide a full refund and take back the rights of all samples sent over.

Web Hosting

CDN stands for Content Network Delivery; your images and other files necessary to display your website are stored on servers across the globe and loaded from the viewer's closest server, meaning faster load times for people viewing your website. Simply put, CDNs help speed up your website's loading speed.
We can change anything on your website, ranging from design, editing content, adding products etc. However, please understand that this is not included with your hosting package and will incur additional costs. You can pay every time you want a change making, or alternatively, if you will need to make changes to your website frequently, we do offer a subscription plan which includes priority support and edits to the website. Please contact us at info@ulprus.com for more information.

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