Name's Luke

Name: Luke
From: Leeds, England
Currently: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 29
Hobbies: Weight Training, Web Development
Favorite Color: Blue

I moved to Japan in 2013 and have been teaching English ever since. In my free time, I like to go to the gym and create logos and stuff.
Hello, well done for making it this far through the website! Here you can learn some exciting information about me, lovely! 

I've been making websites since I can remember. I always wanted to be a hacker Neo in the Matrix, so I started learning a bit of code. Unfortunately, with my basic knowledge of HTML, I soon realised that it wasn't going to be enough to be able to hack into the major banks of the world, so I gave up on the idea of becoming Neo. However, I did discover my love for website scripting.

I later expanded from client-side to server-side scripting, but realised I just couldn't bloody make a beautiful-looking website. That's when I started dabbling in design stuff. My first experience in Photoshop was editing out a freckle on my face, strong start! 
I gave myself the task of designing a website in Photoshop, then putting that bad boy together using code. It was a great success, and this started my 12-year journey in website design & development, as well as logo design.

I have completed numerous projects and contributed to successful businesses, which you can find in my portfolio.

I also have vast knowledge in SEO optimization, so I can prepare your website pages to get good scores on search engines. 

TL;DR, I am an unsuccessful hacker, however, I am able to give your awesome business idea an awesome brand identity as well as a professional-looking website (including e-commerce) which will wow your visitors every time. 
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